Среден foreground set 2x VEXO8 + BASO15 & SMQ500 - бял цвят

Среден foreground set 2x VEXO8 + BASO15 & SMQ500 - бял цвят

Цена без ДДС:3,997.24лв.
Цена с ДДС:4,796.69лв.
Код: FORTE8.3/W

Среден foreground set 2X VEXO8 + BASO15 & SMQ500 - бял цвят


Поръчайте на телефон +359 2 423 9090 или имейл sales@cinemaservices.eu - доставка до 30 дни.

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The contemporary and compact design of both the VEXO8 loudspeakers and the BASO15 bass cabinet makes the FORTE8.3 set suitable for both fixed and mobile applications where a powerful solution with a small footprint is required.

Powered by a SMQ500 WaveDynamics™ Class-D power amplifier, this system, using two VEXO8 loudspeakers and a BASO15 bass cabinet, can cover with a stunning sound areas of around 60 m².

- Compact solution
- Exceptional powerful & clear bass
- High-efficiency Class-D amplifier
- WaveDynamics™ technology

Bars & restaurants, Clubs & discotheques, Live performances, Sports facilities.


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