HORN LOADED 2-WAY говорител 8

HORN LOADED 2-WAY говорител 8" говорител 120W/100V

Цена без ДДС:1,294.00лв.
Цена с ДДС:1,552.80лв.
Тегло: 17.460 кг
Код: HS208TMK2

HORN LOADED 2-WAY говорител 8" говорител 120W/100V

Ориентировъчни цени за доставка

До София на цена от 13.73лв.Извън София на цена от 19.94лв.
До София на цена от 27.72лв.Извън София на цена от 27.72лв.


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The AUDAC HS208TMK2 is a full-range loudspeaker system engineered to provide long throw, full range sound projection in a variety of fixed in- and outdoor applications. Its wide, smooth frequency response and high efficiency ensure high-fidelity music reproduction along with superb projection of clear, intelligible speech at very low distortion.The HS208TMK2 features a 1,3” HF driver with an 8” LF loudspeaker combination for the best sound reproduction, and has a very special coverage pattern of 40° horizontally and vertically.The HS208TMK2 contains the possibility to choose from power tapping for: - 120 Watt, 60 Watt, 30 Watt @ 100V - 8 Ohm impedance.The construction of the HS208TMK2 is made of polyester with textured EDPM black coating and a perforated aluminum grill front finish. Behind the aluminum grill, there is an acoustic foam assembled, which prevents rain coming into the speaker.Due to an Ingress Protection rating (IP) of 65, this speaker is suitable for any environment where humidity or moisture are present.At the rear, you will find cable clamps to select the line transformator as desired. The cable clamps are shielded to obstruct moisture and humudity Mounting bracket: - MBK208Z
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