Малък BACKGROUND DPA152 & 4X CELO5 бял цвят

Малък BACKGROUND 4X CELO5 & EPA152 - бял цвят

Цена без ДДС:1,498.04лв.
Цена с ДДС:1,797.65лв.
Код: SENSO5.4E/W

Малък BACKGROUND 4X CELO5 & EPA152 - бял цвят


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Малък BACKGROUND 4X CELO5 & EPA152 - бял цвят Thanks to the elegant and nearly invisible design of the CELO5 speakers, the SENSO5.4E set will aesthetically blend into any environment while guaranteeing an unsurpassed sound experience. Powered by an EPA152 Class-D amplifier, this system, using four CELO5 loudspeakers, can cover areas of around 60 m² with a warm and true-to-nature sound. Features - Discreet design - High-efficiency Class-D amplifier - Warm and true-to-nature sound Applications Residential, Bars, Restaurants, Retail, Education, Hotels, Public facilities, Corporate spaces.
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