Събуферен кабинет 12

Събуфер 12" - DUAL COIL WOOFER - 200 WATT RMS

Цена без ДДС:849.89лв.
Цена с ДДС:1,019.87лв.
Тегло: 35.000 кг
Код: SX12

Събуферен кабинет 12" - DUAL COIL WOOFER - 200 WATT RMS

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До София на цена от 20.59лв.Извън София на цена от 29.81лв.
До София на цена от 38.70лв.Извън София на цена от 38.70лв.


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The SX12 is a compact light-weight subwoofer cabinet with a power of 200 Watt RMS. It consists of one dual coil 12" woofer with a power of 100 Watt RMS and two separate passive crossover networks with a frequency of 150 Hz.The input connection is made with a 4-pole SpeakON connector, containing both left and right audio channels. Every channel is fitted with a passive crossover network whereof the LF output is connected to one of the 12" LF drivers.The connection for the Mid-High frequency drivers is made at the back of the cabinet with two 2-pole SpeakON connectors. This makes it possible to drive a small PA set, consisting of one subwoofer and 2 Mid-High drivers with only one amplifier. Hereby the SX12 is the ideal solution for upgrading your PX108 or PX110 set to a fully fledged small PA system at a reasonable price.The built-in head base makes it possible to combine with any top cabinet of your choice.
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