LD Systems LAX Series - Mixer 5-channel with Phantom Power

LD Systems LAX Series - Mixer 5-channel with Phantom Power

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Код: LDLAX502

LD Systems LAX Series - Mixer 5-channel with Phantom Power

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LDLAX502 - five inputs, minimal dimensions, perfect audio data

The smallest console in the LAX series boasts a microphone and two stereo line inputs within the smallest space - but despite its compact size, it offers excellent audio quality and a clear user interface. The LDLAX502 features jack and phono inputs; phantom power can, of course, be connected for the microphone input. The input features three-band tone control.

The solid design of the LDLAX502 guarantees optimum performance and a long service life, even when used in a demanding stage environment. The LDLAX502 is best used in the studio with low channel emergence or within a simple editing suite on a PC.

The power is supplied via an external power supply.

  • Mic Input / Line: 1
  • CH EQ: High, Low, ± 15 dB
  • 48 V Phantom Power Supply: Yes
  • Stereo Input: 2
  • CH EQ: Without
  • Head Phone: With
  • Tape in/out: in/out
  • DSP: Without
  • THD: 0.005 % 20 Hz - 20 k
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 0.5 dB
  • S/N: - 80 dB
  • Input Voltage: AC 18.5 V x 150 m A x 2
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 125 x 45 x 195 mm
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