• Марка: LW Speakers
  • Кат. номер: KI800200

LW 8002-BI

3 519,75 лв.
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Three way for biamp
LW 2001LF 2 x 15” bass unit. 600 W. AES
LW 8102HMF 3 x 6” + 3 x 1” medium high unit. 465 W. AES
Pan/tilt U bracket for HMF
Total power, 1265 W. AES
LF 101dB + 97dB Sens. 130+124dB SPL


2 x 15" speaker with 3" voice coil


3 x 6" speaker with 1,46" voice coil


3 x 1" driver with 1" voice coil


3 x Isophasic ABS horns, 140º x 12º each. With pan/tilt adjustment.


Bass system, 800W AES/1600W Prg. 4 ohm.
Medium/treble system 465W AES/930W Prg. 5 ohm.


LF unit:
101dB/1W/1m. Half space - SPL 130dB - SPL 133dB with musical criteria

MHF unit:
97dB/1W/1m. half space - SPL 124dB - SPL 127dB with musical criteria


35,5/22.000 Hz.
For biamp cut off freq. please use our LW-8080 DSP Processor


161,3 x 66 x 61,2 cm.


Net 80.5 kg.

A screen system including LAT2014 (Line Array Technology), which combines professional compression drivers with true isophasic horns to achieve an extreme -3dB coverage throughout the whole audience area.

2 x 15" bass section plus a middle-treble section with Line Array Technology and 3 x 6" medium drivers plus 3 x 1" compression drivers + 3 x isophasic horns.

For the biamp cut off frequency, please use our LW-8080 DSP Processor, which is delivered with all necessary presets, or a single crossover working at 200Hz.

We strongly recommend this model as the natural replacement to our discontinued products LW 2105-BI, LW 5201-BI and LW 5019HD.

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