• Марка: LW Speakers
  • Кат. номер: KI811300

LW 8113

2 622,75 лв.
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4 x 6” + 4 x 1” medium high unit. 620 W. AES
LW 8115 Totalmount (KI811500) included.
Passive filter. 98,7dB Sens. 126,8dB SPL
Surround or Front Most


4 x 6" speaker with 1.46" voice coil


4 x 1" driver with 1" voice coil


4 x Isofasic ABS horns, 140º x 12º each. With pan/tilt adjustment.


620W AES/1240W Prg. 8 ohm.


Sens. 98,7dB 1W/1M. Free field
SPL 126dB
SPL 129dB with musical criteria


60/22.000 Hz.


70.8 x 38.1 x 34 cm.


Net 39.5 kg.

A surround or proscenius surround high power system including with LAT2014 (Line Array Technology), which combines professional compression drivers with true isophasic horns to achieve an extreme -3dB coverage throughout the whole audience area. High power with Line Array Technology with 4 x 6" medium drivers plus 4 x 1" compression drivers + 4 x isophasic horns.

All the 8000 series loudspeakers are manufactured with the same components, for achieving the necessary correlation of loudness (timbre) between the units used in the screen and the units used in surround. The model LW 8113 is manufactured in "mirror", in such a way that there are "left" and "right" models to keep the same distribution of frequencies in the units installed on the right and left sides of the projection room.

Product size diagram