• Марка: LW Speakers
  • Кат. номер: amp100520

KINO16 12K

7 796,10 лв.
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A new generation with a very high capacity of instantaneous power and high efficiency audio modules in class D with an excellent quality of sound.

State-of-the-art amplification technology applied in the most efficient and eco-friednly possible way. These are the basis on which this new series was developed, which is capable of offering the most optimal solution to the very exigent fixed-installations market.

  • Hi audio quality in an extremely efficient class D design
  • Ultra light weight 5.5kg, compact package 35cm deep
  • Up-side-down design to avoid fan dust acumulation
  • Industry standard Barrier Strips and Phoenix connectors
  • Detented sealed potentiometers
  • Optionally tamper proof potentiometers
20Hz-20kHz, 0.1% THD
@2 Ω @4 Ω @8 Ω High-Z 70V High-Z 100V
 - 16 x 750W 16 x 400W  - 8 x 1500W
Output Power
Continuous Average Power
RMS, 1kHz, 1.0% THD+N
   Intermodulation Distortion
@2 Ω  - SMPTE <0.05%
@4 Ω 16 x 750W Crosstalk
@8 Ω 16 x 400W 20Hz-1kHz >75 dB
Bridge @4 Ω  - Voltage Gain 32 dB
Bridge @8 Ω 8 x 1500W Sensitivity
  Rated Power 1,4 V
High-Z Signal-to-Noise-Ratio
High-Z 70V - 20Hz-20kHz 104dBA
High-Z 100V - Pink Noise 12dB Crest Factor
Frequency Response Required AC Mains
230 V - 0.5 A (idle)
Power Bandwidth ±0.25dB 20Hz-20kHz Power On Idling (@230 V) 0.5 A
Phase Response @4 Ω (1/8 rated power) 9 A
@ 1 watt 20Hz-20kHz ±15 deg Dimensions
Total Harmonic Distortion W x H x D (mm) 483 x 88.9 x 500
20Hz-20kHz <0,05% W x H x D (inches) 19 x 3.5 x 19.7
Damping Factor Weight
20Hz-500Hz @8 Ω >400 Net 6 Kg